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Is surely a global icon of inspiration and visionary can do. The showpiece city is a direct result of a visionary ruler, Sheikh Rashid whose legacy has been enthusiastically followed and crafted by his son Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. Dubai has it all, and incredibly so, from such a very short span of time, has it all now. A metropolis that has used cultural and ethnic diversity as its roots, it now stands taller than the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa. The term, “boasting” is widely used in this city as Dubai is indeed very proud to have come so far. Hotels with more 5 star and above ratings than any other city in the world are commonplace and there is always a new one joining this growing block with a new concept or edge of advancement. To visit Dubai, you can be guaranteed as much comfort and luxury as you may care to take or afford. Dubai opened its showpiece public transportation system, the Dubai Metro in September 2009. The metro enables everyone in the city to travel quickly and cheaply in the most modern public transport system in the world. Modern buses pick passengers up from air-conditioned bus-stops dropping them at conveniently located metro stations that can take you the length and breadth of the city comfortably and fast with a superb elevated view of the sites as you pass through. Dubai, truly has what it takes to satisfy any taste, giving everyone all they can imagine in an all year experience for all ages, interests and backgrounds.