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The city of Sharjah could be described as the very close more conservative neighboring sister to Dubai, with either city being only a few minutes from the other by taxi or bus. Sharjah appears to be, and indeed is, more established as a city than Dubai. But its very modern high-rise skyline would otherwise deceive. Considered to be the cultural capital of the UAE, any visitor will find an abundance of local heritage as they explore or even pass through the city. Old and modern Islamic Art and Architecture join with each other in a serene unison. Sharjah offers a number of excellent hotels, including a number with beachfronts. A little less resourced with shopping malls, Sharjahs’ charms lie in its colorful souks and the vibrancy of the hustle & bustle as haggling and trade is conducted. Whether you chose to stay in Sharjah or just pass through on a visit, you will be sure to take away a lasting impression of the city’s beauty and roots in Islamic culture.